Many camera, sound and lighting owners working in the film industry rely on Front Row for their coverage. We offer the advantage of online shopping with low rates, and a DigiGear policy in minutes.

All equipment is covered for: theft, damage, fire and loss of use.  

Please note that coverage under this DigiGear program is only available to Canadian residents (US residents, click HERE to apply). Note: We do not have monthly payment options for our online policies.

An insurance company underwriter is not involved in custom quoting each policy. This means our cost to process an insurance policy is much less expensive online.

What makes Front Row’s custom DigiGear insurance for owners of cameras, sound and light the industry best:

Front Row Other Programs
No Minimum Premium Yes No
$1,000 Deductible Yes No
Insure up to $500,000 of owned and rented equipment Yes Yes
Automatic $5,000 Office Contents Coverage Yes Extra Charge
$5,000 of Money & Securities Yes Extra Charge
Coverage for newly acquired equipment for up to 30-days (max $500,000) Yes Extra Charge
$10,000 Extra Expense Coverage Yes Extra Charge
Coverage for Earthquake & Flood included up to your full Owned Equipment Values Yes No
$10,000 Rental Reimbursement Coverage Yes No

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Insuring your film equipment with Front Row is an easy and simple process that will leave you feeling confident that your gear is protected. An affordable and fast DigiGear insurance package is waiting for you.

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Front Row helped make the insurance process for our film production easy and painless. Before production, I was able to use Front Row's online tool to get a quick and straightforward quote on the Short Term Production Insurance we needed, which made it so easy to see how the cost fit our budget. Processing the payment and getting the insurance certificates was just as easy, not to mention quick, for an agile film crew like ours. I'm happy that we didn't need to make any claims, but the ease of the process and the availability of all the information I needed makes me confident in using Front Row for our future production insurance needs.

Timo Puolitaipale Writer / Producer, Citizen 11 Entertainment